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Crazy Diamonds Demonic Heartbreak Manga Online

Crazy Diamonds Demonic Heartbreak Manga Online: The year is 1999. Ten years have passed from the time when DIO’s death, but his presence remains in the memory of many of his former supporters, including Hol Horse, a mercenary who became a freelancer. Hol Horse, who operates from Egypt, is asked by an old woman to find her lost parrot; he was trained by the previous owner of Pet Shop and can thus also have a position. After consulting Boingo, his reluctant partner with the book of prophets, Thoth, he discovers where the parrot went so he can locate it. But Hol Horse is confused. Why would a parrot fly to the small Japanese town of Morioh?

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: crazy diamonds demonic heartbreak manga online

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Artists: KARASUMA Tasuku

Authors: Kadono Kouhei

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Magic

crazy diamonds demonic heartbreak manga online

This story is based on a  boy and those who seek what they have lost.


In Cairo, Egypt, in March 1999, an old woman asks a man with three bells, Hol Horse, to find her lost parrot. The woman is the mother of an animal trainer who, above all, owned Pet Shop, but who had been murdered by DIO. Since the parrot was trained together with Pet Shop, there is a possibility that he is a Stand user and that the Speedwagon Foundation is trying to eliminate him. Hol Horse accepts the old woman’s request for kindness.

Then heads to a hiding place to find a former friend of his, Mariah, and they discuss the psychological scars DIO has left on them. Hol Horse happens to make Mariah angry and she uses her Stand Bastet to attack him. Hol Horse gets stuck in a few pipes and is almost pierced by several swords. But Hol Horse survives and meets Boingo, whom he reunites to find the parrot. Using Tohth’s predictive power to predict his path, Hol Horse and Boingo see that they must go to Morioh, Japan.

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crazy diamonds demonic heartbreak manga online

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond Demonic Heartbreak


In Morioh, a young girl named Ryoko shows her respect at Noriaki Kakyoin’s grave. It exposes Kakyoin’s cousin and she also contacts by DIO ten years ago. On the way back to the university, he finds Tohth on the ground. When she reads it out of curiosity, she reads DIO’s name on the page and realizes that it must have some meaning.

She grabs and hides the book in her bag just as Hol Horse walks past her. Hol Horse has just lost Boingo and is trying to ask the locals for help without success. Suddenly a car driven by an obsessed man drives towards Hol Horse. Hol Horse suddenly finds himself paralyze  fear of DIO and is only saving Josuke Higashikata’s intervention. However, Josuke has seen Hol Horse’s Stand Emperor. Josuke considers him suspicious and challenges Hol Horse.


Hol Horse continues to hear DIO’s voice and realizes that the parrot makes him recreate his own events from when he heard DIO’s words ten years ago. Suddenly he notices two glowing cufflinks on Hiraoka’s sleeve when a pedestrian signal behind him flashes green.

The green light and glowing twins evoke a memory of Hol Horse seeing Hierophant Green’s Emerald Splash technology in Cairo’s sky when Noriaki fought DIO. At that moment, a bandaged Hol Horse and Boingo fled down the street when they saw the many emerald sprinklers above them.

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