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Effectiveness Of Digital Marketing Compared To Traditional Marketing

What Type Of Marketing Should I Invest In?

Marketing indeed flipped these questions before, and for a good reason. Knowing the best way to promote your business is essential in increasing your lead generation and your sales.

Are you sure you know what’s best for you? If you still have questions, read on and find out more here.

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Traditional strategies

Traditional (outbound)  strategies focus on massively finding and attracting customers using invasive means that do not consider the customer’s needs and tastes; Basically, they don’t have a sales process that is tailor-made for every prospect’s needs.

Hard sell, buy contact lists, invest heavily in media such as television, print, radio, etc., are common in this type of marketing. In addition to aggressive advertising strategies such as direct selling.

center of the sales equation is the sales representative – not the consumer – because only they have the information about the producThe ts and services. With that information, they try to convince the customer why they are the best. And the good ones for them. She. He.

It is clear that all companies have implemented these strategies, and some still are, as it was once the only way to sell and grow.

Over time, this has proven to be an effective way to increase sales over certain periods, help the business reach a specific market. Improve customer interaction with the product as they sometimes have tangible models, etc. However, it’s not as effective as it used to be.

The cost of traditional

Marketing is very high, and with the advancement of technology, the price is even higher. Not only the cost of implementation but also the cost of producing lasting results. Because focusing on the deal does not satisfy prospects, each time resulting in many missed sales, which become increasingly rare and ineffective tactics.

Plus, did you know that a traditional marketing campaign and investment in advertising in Guatemala can cost up to thousands of dollars? And what’s more complicated is that exact results cannot be measured because there is no direct reference to sales. Well, there is no way to know how many people saw or interacted with the ad.

Because of this, companies are abandoning these strategies because they don’t get 100% measurable results and feel like they’re not making a real investment. Hence, they migrate to digital media for sustainable growth, quantifiable progress, and higher sales.

Digital Advertising

Digital marketing tactics are less disruptive and more effective precisely because it reacts to these sales problems and adapt to consumer trends.

It’s important to remember that the 21st century is fully digital. It’s a very competitive time when businesses need social media, digital distribution channels. And tech media to stay afloat, grow, build customer relationships, and stay ahead of the competition.

For this reason, digital marketing offers

Strategies that address this market situation. As it is a term that describes the online marketing tactics that a business uses to digitally connect. With its audience and use them to generate a return on investment, For every business.

In addition, it enables any business to develop digital brand positioning, develop thought leadership, help the company educate and generate leads, sell to new customers, develop brand loyalty. And improve customer service. And sell both upsells and cross-sells to business customers.

All businesses are passionate about digital  because it is a customer-centric, non-intrusive method of providing information. This way, the prospect can decide what they want to see when and whether they want more information or not.

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