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What Is Herbalife? – Nutrition, Diet And More

Why You Shouldn’t Use Herbalife Products

Herbalife has been in the crosshairs of international justice for years. The documentary Betting on Zero revealed that its business model was the biggest pyramid scam in history. However this is not the one that should worry your customers the most, replacing meals with shakes that are seriously damaging their health.

Skipping breakfast or dinner is the Herbalife key to weight loss. Instead of preparing balanced meals with healthy foods, the traders recommend having a shake with 220 kcal per serving in the morning and evening. The results are not long in coming, and it’s no wonder weight loss is imminent when you stop eating.

Nutritionists are oppose to this type of practice, which is far from achieving weight control goals but promotes. The “rebound effect” and liver damage associated with Herbalife products. Likewise, experts recommend rejecting the “advice” of the company whose sales partners have not lacked nutritional training.

At, we were able to speak to Pablo Zumaquero Jarana, Graduate in Dietetics and Human Nutrition. And also, Bachelor of Food Science and Technology. They gave us some insightful ideas about Herbalife and its discouraged shakes.

Are Herbalife Products Nutritionally Recommended?

No, these are breakfast and lunch/dinner replacement products and are very low in calories. There are very few vitamins and minerals, not to mention the low satiety they produce and the efficiency they have ingested. In addition, they are made with inexpensive ingredients (although the product’s price is very high. Which is not on the level of natural, regular food. These diets should also be checking by a doctor and last no longer than 36 weeks. whereas today, they are recommend by people. Without health qualifications and are entirely unaware of their long-term effects.

Could It Be Harmful To Your Health To Subject Your Body To Such Drastic Calorie Reductions?

Yes, and a lot. Firstly, because the reserves of vitamins and minerals that impair the organism’s functions can be exhaust in the short term, and second, and more importantly, this drastic reduction leads to a series of changes in the shape and metabolism of tissues and organs, potentially irreversible, causing a wild rebound effect and sovereign difficulty that the person can lose weight again in the future. . Also, today we do not know how to reverse these effects, or we see that it is impossible to change them.

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Why Should Highly Processed Products Be Removed From Our Diet?

Because they are products that are rich in inferior ingredients and few exciting nutrients. We know that these ingredients and the effects they produce in the body. when consumed increase the risk of many diseases. And that many have flavors, textures, and other stimuli that are almost addicting. Or at least set them off with enormous difficulty. In addition, they create a soft feeling of satiety and are digesting very quickly, so that you have to eat again in a short time.

Herbalife Answers

In response to the published article, Herbalife contacted Here we are attaching your official statement Although this in no way affects the information presented above, which is accurate and approved by a knowledgeable dietitian.

  • Pyramid schemes are illegal in nearly all countries, and Herbalife Nutrition operates in over 90 countries under local law. Furthermore, no court or government agency in the world has defined Herbalife Nutrition as such. Herbalife Nutrition is a legitimate direct selling company serving high-quality nutritional products. To customers worldwide for 37 years and has been listing on. And listed on a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategy with over 8,000 employees worldwide. The New York Stock Exchange.

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