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Details of Rajkot update news: link-aadhaar-with-voter-list

Rajkot update news_ link-aadhaar-with-voter-list

What is an Aadhaar Card?

On 29 June 2009, the administration/government of India introduced Aadhaar to the public.

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identification number for every detail the government issues for authentication purposes for all general day-to-day provisions. This 12-digit single ID number serves as citizen identification and address proof as per government norms.

Features of the Aadhaar Card

An Aadhaar Card has demographic and biometric information of residents of India, including their name, date of birth, gender, address, photograph, iris scan, and fingerprints. In addition, it links to an individual’s biometric and demographic data.

It is used by millions regularly for many resolutions, such as registering under government schemes, opening bank accounts, availing subsidies, filing income tax returns, and other identification purposes. However, not everything is good about Aadhaar as it also have its share of arguments due to concerns about privacy, security, and potential misuse of biometric data.

To deal with this, the Indian government has applied various safeguards and regulations, such as encryption and strict authentication protocols, to protect the privacy and security of citizens’ data. However, fears about the potential risks and misuse of Aadhaar data continue to be a hot topic in India.

Rajkot Update News: Link-Aadhaar-With-Voter-List

According to Rajkot Update News, the reason the Indian government has recommended people link their Aadhaar cards and the Voter ID cards is the Electoral roll authentication. Because this way, the government will be able to eliminate all those voter identity cards issued more than once to any voter, with the major being the relocation of voters, etc.

Rajkot Update News Link for Aadhaar Voter ID Card

In the past, there have been discussions and proposals regarding linking Aadhaar and Voter ID to improve the accuracy and transparency of the electoral process, prevent duplication of voter records, and eliminate voter fraud.

Linking Aadhaar and Voter ID has not been made mandatory by the Election Commission of India (ECI) or the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). However, even in his recent statement, the law minister of India, Kiren Rijiju, assured that the names of those voters who don’t have their Aadhar Card linked with the Voter ID would not remove from the voter list.

Rajkot Update News: Link Aadhaar With Voter List

Article – Rajkot update news: link-aadhaar-with-voter-list

Type – News

Resolution – Link Aadhar Card with Voter ID Card

Profit – Prevent Fake Voter Card and also, Fake Voting

Year –  In 2022

Official site –

Link Aadhaar to voter id card  – Rajkot Update News

People travel for work from cities to villages to towns. The only reason is to earn and help the family’s standard of living and save them happy! Due to this, one needs two different voter ids.

The commission is now offering a result, “link Aadhaar with voter list,” to avoid fake voter id generation. First, one can visit the Election Commission of India’s voter id portal to obtain and download a voter ID. Then, the Aadhar can easily link from home in the phone case. Alternatively, you can visit National Voter Portal Service,, and connect your Aadhaar with your voter ID through your mobile phone.

Rajkot update news: link-aadhaar-with-voter-list complete process for linking

If you follow these steps, linking your Aadhaar card with your voter ID card is easy. Connecting your Aadhaar card with a Voter ID card has three ways.

Below are the three methods.

Link Aadhaar card with Voter List Documents

How to connect an Aadhaar card with a Voter ID card?

To link our Aadhaar Card with your Voter ID Card in Rajkot, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the certified website of Voter ID Card,
  2. Click on “Create an Account,” then enter your email ID and mobile number
  3. Click on “Send OTP” and enter your password
  4. Login with your ID
  5. Click on “Link Aadhaar” and enter the required information on the new page
  6. Submit the information to complete the process.

By SMS: How to link-aadhaar-with-voter-list?

For this, you must first open the SMS app on your mobile.

Then you have to go to Compose Message.

After that, write (EPIC number or Voter id card number + Space + Aaddhar number) and send it to 166 or 51959.

You will get a confirmation message after some time of sending the Message. It will write Your Aadhaar Card is linked with your Voter ID Card.

So, your Aadhaar card will link with your Voter ID card.

Rajkot update the news link aadhaar with the voter list

Your Aadhaar Card will link with your Voter ID Card when the linking procedure has been completed.

Some FAQ’s

Q. How do you link Aadhaar with Voter List?

A. Three methods are available to link Aadhaar with Electoral Roll: through an online portal, SMS, and the CSC center.

Q. Is it mandatory to link Aadhaar with the voter list?

A. Yes, it is mandatory to link Aadhaar with the voter list.

Q. How to link Aadhaar with Electoral Roll using Mobile SMS?

A. Type (EPIC number or Voter id card number + Space + Aadhar number) and send it to 166 or 51959.

Q. voter card Aadhar card link last date?

A. There is no last-date official announcement from the NVSP side.

Q. What is Voter Card’s Official Website?


Q. Is there a fee for linking Aadhar voters? Rajkot update news

A. If you do it by yourself. So there will be no charge of any kind. But you take the support of Choice Center. Then only you have to pay their fee.


Rajkot update news: link-aadhaar-with-voter-list – While linking your Aadhar card with your Voter ID is quite simple, it can be inconvenient if you are not well-appointed with the technology. This guide tells many ways with easy steps to get the job done.

We, Computers Marketing, hope all the mentioned points are clear to you regarding the linkage of the Aadhaar Card with the Voter ID. While it is not yet compulsory, it is expected to be made mandatory, so we suggest you get it done as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

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