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Basically, Florence is a part of Boone County, Kentucky(Ky), United States. In its origins, Florence was a fortified camp located at the crossroads formed by the Tyrrhenian coast and those of the Apennines, united to cross the upper valley of the Arno towards Rome.

Florence was originally an Etruscan city, dependent on Faesulae (Fiesole). The Etruscans, who arrived from Asia Minor, settled in the 9th century BC. The objects and archaeological remains found to date the presence of this civilization in the Florentine area. Moreover, as testified by the extraordinary collections of Etruscan art preserved in the Archaeological Museum from Florence.

In 395 BC, the Etruscan civilization was subjected to Rome. It was then that, during the Silla colonization campaigns, the Romans founded the municipality of Florence on the ashes of the earliest Etruscan settlement.

In the middle ages, due to its agricultural wealth and its position as a communications center. It came to overshadow the Faesulae. The Lombards had control of the city during the High Middle Ages.

Florence in the Middle Ages

In 774, Charlemagne conquered Florence and became part of the Carolingian Empire. In 1115, the city was modern, taking advantage of the disputes caused by the succession of Countess Matilde. The Florentines defeated the imperial vicar and conquered the nearby castles and towns to ensure the safety of their trade.

In 1125 Florence was conquered, and its inhabitants were forced to go and live in Florence. He allied himself with Pisa, which provided him with the ships he needed for his trade, against Siena, whose banks disputed the patronage of the Holy See with the Florentines.

In 1218 he went to war against Pisa for the hegemony of Tuscany.

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