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Shoujo Tsubaki Full Movie Wiki Drama

Shoujo Tsubaki full movie was firstly Premiered in 1992 and was fully animated, scripted, and manual director Hiroshi Harada, on the other hand, del manga de Suehiro Maruo. This is probably the first and only animated work of the eroguro genre.

More Detail about Shoujo Tsubaki full Movie

Title: Shoujo Tsubaki

English title: The Camellia Girl

Release date: 21-May-2016

Country: Japan

Genre: Drama, Horror, +18

Duration: 90min

The cast of Shoujo Tsubaki

Nakamura Risa as Midori

Kazama Shunsuke as Wanda Masamitsu

Morino Misaki

Takeru as Kanabun

Saeki Daichi as Muchisute

Fukami Motoki as Akaza

Nakatani Akihiro as Jirou

Torii Miyuki as Midori’s mother

Torihada Minoru was an influential person

Shoujo Tsubaki Trailer

On the other hand, Japanese news website Natalie has released a new trailer for the live-action film adapting Suehiro Maruo  Midori’s Shojo Tsubaki manga. In the video, you can hear the theme song of the film “Ano Ko no Jinta” by Charan-Po-Rattan, and several complementary scenes appear in anime format.

Some details related to Shoujo Tsubaki full Movie

Basically, Midori, an innocent 12-year-old girl, who only has her mother and an old house, forced to put aside all aspects of a normal childhood and take care of her sick mother, selling camellias around the city without much success, to be able to pay for her mother’s medicines. One day a mysterious and well-dressed man buys all the camellias from her and offers her a new opportunity that she cannot refuse.

In this way, he embarks on a spiral of multiple horrors and few pleasures with the members of a circus of phenomena. After premiering for the first time on 2 May 1992, in a tent inside the Mitake temple, Suehiro Maruo, the mangaka and original creator of the work, confessed to Hiroshi Harada, the animator, and director, that some parts of the story were based on actual events of the that he had been aware of, also about some personal experience.

More details about shoujo Tsubaki full movie

The original tape has initially been 52 to 54 minutes long. Still, upon its return after being sent out of Japan for reproduction in different places, it was confiscated by the national authorities. Destroyed several parts, thus re-editing the film up to 26 times for its projection. Authorized. Somehow Harada had a defective copy of 48 minutes of the original tape, which still had most of the explicit scenes and is the version we can see today. No studio wanted to produce its animation, only at the end part of the film was supported in the correction by some animators.


That is to say, 14-year-old Midori, who doesn’t have a family, is picked up by an Aka Neko circus. Wanda Masamitsu has supernatural powers, and he also joins the circus. Midori has an affinity for Wanda, but she is afraid of him. Wanda gets more chaos members who continue to use him because of his supernatural powers and even commits murder.

Shoujo Tsubaki Full Movie FAQs

1. When was Shoujo Tsubaki Full Movie released?

Shoujo Tsubaki released on 21 May 2016

2. Who directed Shoujo Tsubaki full Movie?

Hiroshi Harada directed Shoujo Tsubaki

3. Which stars acted in Shoujo Tsubaki?

Shoujo Tsubaki has Nakamura Risa and Kazama Shunsuke


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