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South Indian Thriller Movie Hindi Dubbed – Best of all times

South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies Dubbed In Hindi

South Indian thrillers rocked the world. World of Indian viewers. The Southern film industry is seen as making great films by portraying incredible storylines and technological improvements like no other.

Whenever there have been complaints about the lack of imagination hanging over Indian cinema, filmmakers in the South have come up with the most eccentric and otherworldly ideas which are then embodied in films that continue to emerge. win the hearts of people across the nation and even the whole world.

South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies Dubbed In Hindi

From creating psychological thrillers, with countless suspense and grim reality, to science fiction, with an extravagant sci-fi backdrop to skillfully understand them with a comedy or love story, southern cinema India has saved thrillers from oblivion. This manufacturing has also come a long way afterward giving good competition to the Bollywood industry.

The Tollywood industry makes some of the best-known and most beloved films in the world. These films are huge box office hits in India and abroad.

They even surpass Bollywood by making one of the best movies of all time.

One of the most recent films that caused a sensation at the Indian box office is Bahubali2. This film has become a benchmark, creating a story and breaking all known Bollywood records. The film also joined the famous 500 crore film club.

How To Download And Watch South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies Dubbed In Hindi

Please recite this article to learn more about the South Indian thrillers that have marked the history of Indian cinema.

Suspense thrillers are an all-time favorite as they continue to draw the highest number of viewers.

By creating such innovative storylines, thriller directors from South India have offered audiences wonders. And as such, they are always remembered.

List of South Indian Thriller Movie Hindi Dubbed

1. Dhruvangal Pathinaaru

A Tamil sleeper hit that remains critically acclaimed as a suspense thriller. Its floor revolves around a police officer who lost his leg while investigating the strange murder of a couple. Years later, he remains forced to relive his past through a new case that has some shocking twists and turns as his last case.

The depiction of every lead is done so that they could be seen as both protagonists and antagonists.

2. Nenokkadine

Although, Nenokkadine is a famous Telugu psychological thriller. This blockbuster film featured Mahesh Babu, a rock interstellar suffering from a mental disorder due to his parent’s death. But,  He must overcome his psychological inhibitions to seek revenge for his parent’s death.

Similarly, This psychological thriller is a must-see for any movie buff. With its fantastic storyline and surprising twists, the film brings delight to every step.

3. Goodachari (Intelligent Khiladi)

Goodachari is a spy crime novel movie which though it got mixed reviews from film critics, but still was liked by the audience and thus, became a hit.

The film’s plot revolves around the lead character, who wants to join RAW but gets framed under false charges. But, The floor of the movie is quite engaging, with many twists and turns.

4. Thani Oruvam

The conspiracy of this crime- thriller revolves around IPS Officer Mithran, played by Jayam Ravi, who wants to arrest Siddharth Abhimanyu, played by Arvind Swami, an affluent scientist who uses top-secret unlawful medical practices for profit.

Siddharth Abhimanyu, in the film, remains a rich and powerful scientist who consumes committed numerous medical malpractices for money. Henceforward, Mithran, a dutiful IPS officer, is out to expose him and bring him to justice.

Later this movie remained also remade in Telugu with Ramcharan Teja replacing Jayam Ravi. Its dubbed version is available in Hindi as Dhruva.

5. Vikram Vedha

A Tamil mystery/thriller featuring R Madhavan as a cop and V Sethupathy as a smuggler. Vikram is on the hunt to arrest Vedha.

Though as the movie progresses, Vikram understands that Vedha is a complicated man and has his reasons for taking up the path of crime

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