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Spirituality Write For Us

SpiritualitySpirituality means different things to many people. For some, it’s mainly about believing in God and actively contributing to organized religion.

For others, it’s about non-religious experiences that help them connect with their spiritual selves through quiet reflection, time in Nature, private prayer, yoga, or meditation.

Many people recognize them as spiritual but not religious: With limited exceptions, the percentage of adults identifying as holy in several industrialized countries is decreasing while remaining generally high in less developed nations.

Even as religious affiliation falls, a sense of spiritual identification could stay steady or even increase.

Why Do You Need Spirituality?

Meditation is different for different people, so it is with spirituality. Spirituality gives us that solid core that helps us reveal our wisdom, courage, and compassion to do our best, be our best, and feel our best.

It gradually helps one develop emotional resilience to be in harmony with ourselves and the world.

Different Types of Spirituality

The goal of spirituality is definite differences in different paths. Here are some examples of spiritual goal lines:

  • Buddhism: accomplish the cessation of suffering (enlightenment, nirvana); see realism for what it is; evacuate the mental defilements.
  • Yoga: purifying the mind to achieve liberation (moksha), like a union of the individual Soul with the universal Soul, flattering one with the Absolute Realization; of being the true Self.
  • Vedanta: realize the true Self; dissolve the knot of the ego, which bounds pure Consciousness to a body-mind.
  • Sufism: experience heavenly revelation; surrender to God; serve God.
  • Christian Mysticism: understanding union with God, the kingdom of heaven; feeling the creator’s love.
  • Daoism/Taoism: It means to live in harmony with the Dao; encourage body, mind, and spirit; cultivate and sublimate the energy.
  • Kabbalah: learn the eventual laws of the universe, know the creator and oneself, and live therefore.
  • Jainism: liberation; salvation; karmic purification; becoming a perfected being (Siddha).
  • Shamanism: live in harmony and linking with Nature; progress knowledge and power to work with invisible forces; oblige the spiritual happiness of the community; heal the Soul.

Spiritual Practices

Every spiritual practice should assist a particular purpose, according to what motivates us to be spiritual and the goal we seek. I call this approach practical spirituality.

It’s not about continuing a ritual or doing something because “we feel we should,” but actively exploring our inner world, driven by a specific question, thirst, or goal.

In the beginning, you may not know accurately what this pull is. That’s ok – it’s sufficient that it is authentic.

It appears into three categories:

(a) methods of personal cultivation, sublimation, and exploration.

(b) practices of learning, understanding, and absorbing.

(c) courses of external action.

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