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Electronic Business – What is E-Business and how does it work?

Every day there are a large number of companies that venture into the digital world through web portals, blogs, social networks and E-Business to offer their brands and products globally and thus increase their sales, at a great cost lower investment than traditional media. Electronic Business

Electronic commerce is a great business structure that a company can have via the internet, because it allows them to offer their products to customers and buyers online, however, knowing and having skill in handling digital marketing tools is necessary.

Fundamental aspects of E-Business

Nowadays, to do business, companies have had to manage to implement new business systems through technology.

When talking about changes, we refer to the type of advertisement, as an example of them we have the Apple advertisement that presented a new concept of Macintosh personal computer, where the advertisement was basically based on the absolute representation of George Orwell regarding the future.

With the arrival of the internet in the late 60s, which was known as ARPANET, we already began to see the changes, but it was not until the 90s when it began to be used in the homes of developed countries.

It is not a secret that consumers, clients and users on the web have grown steadily and business opportunities online have greatly increased, a much more direct way of marketing and always maintaining communication relationships with clients or consumers.

With all of the above, we can define the concept of E-Business is a tool that facilitates the purchase and sale of products and services through the communication networks used by Internet users.

It is important to emphasize that E-Business is based on the interaction and consistency of the transactions carried out by both parties. This type of business eliminates the middleman , as well as shortens the geographical distance and the investment is low compared to traditional marketing means.

Difference between E-Business and E-Commerce

Many people tend to confuse E-Business with E-Commerce and today we want you to know the differences they have.

E-Commerce covers the channels through which the supplier reaches the customer or user, covering sales channels from orders, delivery, marketing and even after-sales service.

E-Business goes much further, because it does not only include E-Commerce as such, but covers all internal processes such as: administrative, production, product development, risks, finances, knowledge management, resources human resources and the strategic development of marketing.

E-Business Features

It is necessary for you to know and be clear that E-Business is constantly changing in order to open new marketing frontiers, starting from this, we will let you know some of its main characteristics.

Online Auctions or Bids

This allows many more people to participate in the bid, as long as they have an internet connection, unlike physical auctions where the entry of many people is restricted, because there are few public auctions and private auctions are selective and take the lead .

Buying and selling websites between people

Anyone who wants to sell a creation can do so from their computer and anyone can buy directly from the comfort of their home through their computer or Smartphone.

E-Banking – Electronic banking

This is an important point, since electronic banking allows the business on the web to be successful, because it offers users or clients that operate their transactions online much easier and more comfortable, saving time for both the company and the clients.

Electronic guides

They are very useful because it will allow you to locate a specific service or product.

Online engineering . An engineer is not essential to achieve this, everyone who has a good internet connection has the opportunity to participate in the creation of this type of business.

Electronic games of chance . This type of business is much more profitable on the web.

E-Learning . This is really beneficial, because you will not have to receive CDs with content, but you will make inquiries and talk with all the people who are connected and who are online in the course.

E-mail .

This point is also relevant, because it allows you to have a database of real contacts and you will be able to organize much better the market niche to whom you are going to direct your product or service.

Therefore, companies must do so in an integrated manner, bearing in mind the positioning to be achieved, objectives, and the ability of the company to apply changes. So, we have specified three phases to consider:

First phase

. It refers to the company that begins to have a presence on the web. Electronic Business

Third phase . It is when companies already differentiate themselves from their competitors due to electronic business and the investment of new technologies. Allowing them to transform the rigid structure they had into a flexible structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of E-Business


  1. Presence of your products worldwide. It is one of the main advantages of e-Business, since it allows you to have a worldwide presence on the web, that is, you can offer your products in all countries of the world and to different consumers at the same time 24 hours a day.
  2. Opportunity for personalized purchases. Companies have the opportunity to apply competitive strategies in order to ensure the sale. Better customer service.


  1. Failure or lack of Internet connection. This makes it impossible for users who want to buy a product or service, because it is necessary to have an internet connection to make the purchase.
  2. Security data. Any transaction carried out over the internet requires personal information, such as the address, full name, telephone number, credit card details, etc., this causes an alert in consumers because hackers can often access this information.
  3. Security in online purchases. Many people fear buying products online because they believe that the product will not arrive as seen on the web portal, either because of its size, color, quality, size, functionality, etc. Therefore, it is important that if it is the first time you make an online purchase, you ask yourself everything about the product, before making the purchase.

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