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Boosting The Energy Transition

The MINT defined the profile of a call that will allocate more than one billion. Pesos of financing to promote the diversification of the energy matrix in areas. Such as solar thermal, wind, wave power, biofuels, hydrogen, and lithium, with priority for locally developed technologies.

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TSS Agency

This week the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were known. Which produced very worrying data on the importance of reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere urgently. Also the rise in these values would lead to an increase in temperature, leading to significant changes in the planet. One of the main tools to combat it is changing the global energy matrix. Transitioning towards sources that do not emit carbon dioxide.
In line with this objective, this Wednesday, the Sectorial Technological Council in Energy Transition (CTS-TE). Approved the profile of the next call for the Argentine Sectorial Fund (FONARSEC), focused, this time, on the energy transition.

After Four Months of Work

For this, there is a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for 871 million pesos. which in its total amount of application would exceed one billion pesos with the private counterpart. That must remain applied to technological developments in solar thermal, wind, wave energy, biofuels, hydrogen, or lithium. The profile of the public-private consortium projects that could receive financing with this instrument was define. The objective of outlining this profile in advance is to know which technologies are real development possibilities for industrial applications.

National Industrial Technology (INTI)

The completion of this profile presented to the CTS-TE for approval remain coordinated by the team of the National Directorate of Strategic Projects (DNPE) of the MINCYT, which carried out. An exploratory study on the energy transition in Argentina concerning the capacities of available research and also development and the industrial needs of the sector. The work was carry out within an intersectoral effort with the National Secretariat of Energy, the InnovaT Foundation. The Chamber of Industrialists for Capital Goods Projects, the R + D + I Agency, the Bariloche Foundation, and also the Institute.

The call remains to consider that technology can lead to a local industrial development process, promote technological capabilities that the productive sector can assimilate. And also comply with a territorial enclave under the federal premise. It is the second call profile of the year, after the one launched in June and also still with an open call focused on the production of drugs.

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