Hardware and software
In computer science, the provisions hardware and software refer to different aspects of each computer system: respectively the physical and digital aspects, the body and soul of each computer.
Hardware is the set of physical parts that make up the body of a computer system: the plates, circuits, mechanisms, and electrical devices and processing, support, and connection, for example, monitor, keyboard, printer.

The Material Can Be Classified And Ordered According To Its Function In The Overall System Process:

• Processing equipment. The heart of the system enters, calculates, and solves the operations necessary for its operation.
• Storage equipment. It is second-hand to contain system information and data. It can be primary (internal) or secondary (removable).
• Peripheral material. It is the set of attachments and accessories built into the system to provide new functions.
• Input material. It allows data entry into the system by the user or operator or from telecommunications networks and systems.
• Output material. It allows information to be extracted from the system or sent to telecommunications networks.

• Mixed material.

It performs both input and output functions.
Software is the intangible content of the system: the set of programs, instructions, and languages that perform tasks and serve as a user interface. In turn, the software can be secret according to its primary function into:
• Base system or software (operating system). They are responsible for regulating the operation of the system and ensuring its maintenance. They are usually integrated into the system before the user can access them—for example, Windows 10, Linux, Ubuntu.
• Application software. All those additional programs can be integrated into the computer once the operating system is install. That allows you to perform a myriad of possible tasks, from word processors to Internet browsers, including design tools or video games—for example, Chrome, Paint, Skype.

Hardware Examples

• Monitors or screens.

In which information and processes are displayed for the user. They are generally careful output hardware, although touchscreen monitors also allow (mixed) data entry.

• Keyboard and mouse.

The classic mechanisms for entering or incorporating data by the user, the first by buttons (keys) and the second by movements mainly.

• Video cameras.

Also known as webcams, since they became popular with the advent of the Internet and video conferencing, they are a typical mechanism for inputting images and sounds.

• Processor.

The heart of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a chip capable of performing thousands of calculations per second and provides the central processing power of information to the computer system.

• Network card.

A place of electronic circuits integrated into the motherboard of the CPU gives the computer the possibility of interacting remotely with different data networks.

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Software Examples

• Microsoft Windows.

Perhaps the nearly all popular operating system in the world, used in thousands of IBM computers and which allows the management and interaction of different IT segments from a user-friendly environment, based on overlapping windows with the information.

• Mozilla Firefox.

One of the most modern internet browsers, available for free download. It enables user interaction with the World Wide Web, data searches, and other virtual interactions.

• Microsoft Word.

Probably the world’s most popular word processor, part of the Microsoft Office suite, which includes tools for business, database management, presentation creation, and more.

• Google Chrome.

The Google browser compulsory a paradigm of lightness and speed in Internet browsers and quickly became popular among Internet fans. Its success is such that it opens the door to future projects for Google operating systems and other software.

• Adobe Photoshop.

Application for image editing, visual design content development, and various photographic retouching, aesthetic composition, and other tasks, Adobe Inc. It is undoubtedly a famous software in the graphic design world. Hardware and software

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