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Things to know about Zack Bonfilio

Zack Bonfilio: Because social media is free to use, there are laws or, to be more specific, policies that guide the use of any of the platforms you belong to or choose to use. .
No matter how influential or popular you are, once you get it wrong, your account will be suspended, or in some cases, you will be banned from using the platform.

Zack Bonfilio can attest to the above statement. His Tik Tok account was banned for violating one of their policies.

Who is Jack Bonfilio? What exactly did he do? We will reveal who he is and what he has done in this article.

Who is Zack Bonfilio?

Zack Bonfilio, better known on Tiktok as Misfit Patriot 3.0, has been banned after accusing Modern Warrior of being a pedophile.

Modern Warrior is a native United States developer. Zack Bonfilio uses his platform to discuss a variety of concerns faced by Indigenous peoples in society.

The different views of Tiktokers and the many back-and-forths have produced a lot of tension on the platform.

Zack Bonfilio is a Texan who works for ‘Tile And Remodeling San Antonio,’ a mosaic company. Maybe he could be the rumored owner of the company. Zachary Bonfiilo is the real name of the Misfit Patriot 3.0 user.

Other facts about Bonfiilo are unknown to the general public. On the Internet, he was called a racist. Cindy Bronson, a netizen, has come forward to expose her racist views.

What Happened to Misfit Patriot 3.0 TikTok ?

Misfit Patriot

The Tiktok saga began when Misfit Patriot 3.0, also known as Bonfilio, made videos criticizing Modern Warrior. Lance Tsosie, also known as Modern Warrior, is a Native American Navajo. Since the shutdown began, he has been outspoken about issues affecting local Americans.

He uses social media to raise awareness and educate natives on how to deal with their issues.

Zack Bonfilio, on the other hand, has a habit of making racist comments and using the n-word in his videos. His account was banned on Tiktok after people reported him. In real life, people confront him about his behavior.

He made racist, and pedophile comments toward Lance before his account was suspended. The defender retaliated by showing rebuttal films which further exposed Bonfilio. Bonfilio then hired an attorney and filed a cease and desist order against Modern Warrior.

Lance received a lot of support from netizens after the tragedy. Zack has over 2.5 million followers on Tiktok and 120,000 followers on Instagram.

Zack Bonfilio Age

His exact age is unknown to the general public. While banned from Tiktok, he revealed he would be making a comeback in a series of videos on Twitter and Instagram.

His Instagram handle was @themisfitpatriot3.0, but it looks like he canceled the account. On all social media sites, Zack received a lot of criticism for his behavior.

Early Life

Zack Bonfilio was raised in Dedham, Massachusetts, by Kathleen Kelley Bonfilio and Salvatore F. Bonfilio. He now lives in San Antonio, Texas. Her mother is an accomplished writer.

Kathleen attended St. Joseph’s School in Roxbury, according to her Linkedin profile. In 1971, he graduated from Boston High School with a high school diploma. He received his Associate of Commerce degree from Massachusetts Bay Community College.

Kathleen is the owner of Kathy’s Sweet Tooth, which Kathleen founded. For the past 20 years, she has worked as an insurance broker for various organizations. She has also been a published author since 1989. On the other hand, Zack’s father passed away on July 13, 2019.

Why is Zack Bonfilio Famous?

Why is Zack Bonfilio famous_

When people accused Modern Warrior of being a pedophile, Zack Bonfilio, better known on Tiktok as Misfit Patriot 3.0, was banned.

Modern Warrior hails from the United States and is a native promoter. Zack Bonfilio uses his platform to raise awareness of the various issues facing Indigenous people in today’s society.

The platform was off-putting due to the different perspectives of Tiktokers and the constant back and forth.

Zack Bonfilio is a person who works for Tile And Remodeling San Antonio. He could be the owner of the company, according to rumors. However, Zachary Bonfiilo is the real name of the Misfit Patriot 3.0 user.


According to his LinkedIn page, Zack Bonfilio, also known as Misfit Patriot, is the owner of American Tile & Remodeling in San Antonio, Texas. His company specializes in the design and renovation of kitchens and bathrooms. According to web sources with the company profile, she has more than 15 years of professional experience in the industry, with customer service being her primary focus.

Everything from framing to finish carpentry, tiling and marble, hardwood floors, kitchen, and bathroom design, and remodeling are some of the company’s specialties. Additionally, the company offers decks and porches, interior and exterior painting, and other services. People can see many of his films on the company’s Facebook page.

Zack started working in the tiling and remodeling industry in his early twenties. He did a few podcast interviews, but the podcast website removed most of them due to his racial slurs.
Zack started a fundraising campaign for his dad in 2019. He was able to raise $2260 out of $7500.

Personal Life

Because several of Zack Bonfilio’s social media sites were taken down by the parties involved, it is not easy to verify whether or not he was married. According to his brother’s obituary (two daughters from Frankie and a daughter and a son from Nicholas), Sal has three nieces and a nephew (Evelyn, Logan, Samantha, and Nicole), but Zack has no children.

His rants on TikTok are his most recent viral posts, but none of them are about his relationship. As a result, it is impossible to know if he has a wife or a girlfriend.

War Against Other TikTokers

War Against Other TikTokers

Several TikTok users, including @auntkaren, LanceTsosie, @tizzyvent, and @GoodTrouble, have gone to all-out war with Zack. However, in a series of videos posted on his business page, he claimed he would not be canceled or discontinued and refused to cooperate. Additionally, according to HITC, Jack has started posting movies identical to those seen on HITC on his new Facebook page, Jack Fondilio.

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