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The Ten Largest Telecommunications Companies

Largest Telecommunications Companies

Telecommunications companies custom various technologies to transmit information around the world. Some of the biggest companies in the telecommunications industry provide landline and cellular phone services and data and video communications over the Internet.

The telecommunications industry is changing rapidly. While traditional technologies such as landline, radio, and television dominated the telecommunications universe, mobile communications and the Internet quickly became the new norm.

These are the top ten telecommunications companies by 12-month revenue tracking (TTM). This list is limited to either directly traded or publicly traded through ADR in the United States or Canada. Some companies outside of the US report their profits semi-annually instead of quarterly, so 12-month tracking data can be older than companies that report quarterly. The data for this story is from

All figures are as of January 12th, 2021.

AT&T Inc. (T)

Revenue (TTM): $ 172.9 billion

Net Income (TTM): $ 11.1 billion

Market Cap: $ 204.4 billion

1 Year Cumulative Total Return: -19.7%

Stock Exchange: New York Stock

AT&T is a holding company that affords digital entertainment and communication services worldwide. The services and products include wireless communications, data / broadband services, Internet services, digital video services, local and long-distance services, telecommunications equipment, managed networks, production and distribution of movies, television, and games. The company also owns and operates local sports television stations.

Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)

Revenue (TTM): $ 128.4 billion

Net Income (TTM): $ 18.3 billion

Market Cap: $ 237 billion

1 Year Cumulative Total Return: 1.7%

Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

Verizon Communications is a portfolio company that provides communications, information, and entertainment products and services. It provides wireless voice and data services, device and product sales, and data and video communications services such as broadband video, data centers, cloud services, security and managed network services, local voice services, and long-distance calls.

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTTYY)

Revenue (TTM): $ 108.7 billion

Net Income (TTM): $ 7.9 billion

Market Cap: $ 96.8 billion

1 Year Cumulative Total Return: 10.3%

Exchange: OTC

Nippon Telegraph & Phone is a Japan-based holding company that provides telecommunications services. It offers national communication services within the prefectures such as parcel services, Internet Protocol (IP), and fixed voice communication services and sells telecommunication equipment. The company also provides mobile, IP, and packet communication services and network systems and systems integration services. Additionally, Nippon operates in real estate, finance, and more.

Deutsche Telekom AG (DTEGY)

Revenue (TTM): $ 106.0 billion

Net Income (TTM): $ 3.5 billion

Market Cap: $ 87.4 billion

1 Year Cumulative Total Return: 17.0%

Exchange: OTC

Deutsche Telekom is a telecommunications and info technology service provider based in Germany. The company offers its customers in Germany, Eastern Europe, and the USA landline telephone services, mobile communications services, Internet contact, and combined information technology and telecommunications services.

T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS)

Revenue (TTM): $ 59.9 billion

Net Income (TTM): $ 3.1 billion

Market Cap: $ 159.7 billion

1 Year Cumulative Total Return: 68.3%

Exchange: NASDAQ

T-Mobile US is a leading US wireless carrier offering various data plans and telecommunications services to individuals and businesses. T-Mobile also deals with prepaid wireless products and services. In April 2020, T-Mobile finalized its merger with Sprint Corp., whose company plans to sharply increase its capacity by a factor of 14 over the next six years. It sells devices and services through stores and websites owned and operated by the company.2

Vodafone Group PLC (VOD)

Revenue (TTM): $ 50.5 billion

Net Profit (TTM): $ 2.9 billion

Market capitalization: $ 46.1 billion

Total rolling return over one year: -5.9%

Exchange: NASDAQ

Vodafone Group is a UK-based company providing a range of telecommunications services, including voice and data communications. It offers mobile services, such as calls, SMS, data access, and fixed-line services, including broadband, TV, and voice. The company also provides Internet of Things (IoT), public and private cloud services, cloud-based applications, and security products for networks and devices.

Telefonica SA (TEF)

Revenue (TTM): $ 49.9 billion

Net Income (TTM): $ 505.3 million

Market capitalization: $ 24.2 billion

Total rolling return over one year: -29.4%

Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

Telefonica is an integrated and diversified multinational telecommunications group based in Spain. The company is active in the wired, wireless, cable, data, internet, and television industries. Telefonica offers fixed-line telecommunications, Internet, and broadband multimedia services. Digital services such as IoT.

America Movil SAB de CV (AMX)

Revenue (TTM): $ 49.0 billion

Net income (TTM): $ 3.4 billion

Market capitalization: $ 49.0 billion

Total rolling return over one year: -3.8%

Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

America Movil is a Mexican provider of telecommunications services to customers around the world. The company provides wireless voice, wireless data, fixed voice, broadband, pay television, and information technology services.


Revenue (TTM): $ 48.3 billion

Net Income (TTM): $ 6.2 billion

Market capitalization: $ 70.3 billion

Total rolling return over one year: 6.2%

Exchange: OTC

KDDI is a telecommunications operator based in Japan. In addition to cellular services, the company provides network, data center, cloud / SaaS, security, and IoT services in Japan and dozens of other countries worldwide. It also offers financial and payment services. KDDI is at the service of individuals and businesses.

Orange SA (ORAN)

Revenue (TTM): $ 46.9 billion

Net income (TTM): $ 3.2 billion

Market capitalization: $ 32.7 billion

Total rolling return over one year: -10.3%

Stock Exchange: New York Stock Exchange

Orange is a multinational telecommunications company based in France. Orange serves its residential, professional, and extensive business customers as one of the largest European operators. The company provides fixed telephony, leased lines, data transmission, mobile telecommunications, cable television, internet services, and broadcasting. It also offers mobile financial services.

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