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Marketing Strategy Manual: Definition, Types, And Examples

Marketing Strategy Manual

Marketing strategies are essential for any business, regardless of the products or services it offers, as they are a link in the value chain. Find out here what they are and how to implement the ones that best suit the business you run.

Not all organizations apply marketing strategies the same way. Just as there is a diversity of people, there are various brands, and each has particular preferences and needs. Pick the ones that suit you the best, and you are heading to the right audience.

A marketing strategy is a style and method used to create leads. It is used to communicate and position a company’s products and services and results in operational lines that reach a target market through the appropriate channels.

A marketing strategy consists of specific steps that remain carried out to achieve the same result: promote the brand and sell. Its contemporary trends stay on the Internet; advertising is still used in brochures, newspapers, or magazines.

Many strategies are used daily by millions of companies, so much that it can sometimes be challenging to find the one that works the best.

To make your research more manageable, we have created this manual with the best marketing strategies.

Why is it Essential to have a Marketing Strategy?

Putting in place a suitable marketing strategy is of great benefit to your business. Let’s see some of its advantages:

  • You will sell more and regularly.
  • I will make it possible to maintain and grow the business.
  • You will understand what your ideal customers are looking for.
  • We will meet the needs and exceed the expectations of buyers.
  • You will strengthen the relationship with the target market.
  • It will build the brand in the mind of the consumer.
  • You will stand out from the competition.

It will no longer depend on the luck with which you make a purchase but on parameters that you observe and improve over time.

Six Types Of Marketing Strategies

  • Segmentation strategies.
  • Strategies versus the competition.
  • Brand positioning strategies.
  • Market penetration strategies.
  • Portfolio or product elimination strategies.
  • Digital marketing strategies.

Know the options of the marketing strategy to integrate them, take elements of each and make a personalized model.

1. Segmentation Strategies

A segmentation strategy allows you to choose the customers you will reach. You can contact a massive, differentiated, and focused audience, or you can do it one by one.

The mass marketing strategy seeks to attract the entire market, that is, all possible customers (it is currently the least effective).

Differentiated marketing seeks to do the same thing as mass marketing, only segmenting the market into different types of customers. For example, it divides the market between young people and adults and attracts both groups, but differently. It is the strategy most used by large companies and multinationals.

In concentrated marketing, one of the market segments remains chosen, making it possible to better concentrate the campaign’s efforts. It is the most effective strategy for growing businesses.

The one-to-one marketing strategy attracts individual consumers with personalized products or services. This strategy works for any business, but it can be more expensive.

2. Strategies Concerning the Competition

This type of strategy emphasizes the competitive aspect. The main thing is to define what position you occupy in the market compared to the competition.

If you are above your rivals, maintain this position.

It you are below the competition, adjust your position.

If you are down, you can stay there as well if they struggle for a higher position turns against you.

3. Brand Positioning Strategies

Position the brand to get more attention. This way, you will be the option that consumers approach first.

To achieve a good brand positioning strategy, analyze:

What the competition is doing and how customers compare to you.

Where do customers need?

What sets what you offer apart.

Who consumes the brand.

How to get the customer to recognize you.

How affordable the prices remain compared to the quality and price of the competition.

4. Market Penetration Strategies

These strategies aim to grow the business to offer more products in more places without neglecting customers’ real needs. And, of course, without creating an oversupply.

You will also achieve this by reaching other markets, i.e., exploring different consumers and tailoring products. You can also create new products for the current market.

5. Portfolio or Product Elimination Strategies

Will you be able to improve your financial situation by removing items from your wallet?

You might have products that you are spending a lot of resources on, but the return on your investment is minimal, zero, or even harmful. Analyze which products or services are existence sold and which are not.

Examine customer needs and the social environment regarding manufacturing processes, and decide which products will continue to be in the market.

6. Digital Marketing Strategies

These are the strategies that position a business on the Internet. Today, most companies are doing digital marketing, but it was something not everyone envisioned a few years ago.

The following techniques can remain applied:

Inbound marketing to attract and convert customers organically with helpful content.

The mailing is where you can establish segmented communication.

Social media for posts to connect with customers.

The web search engines for you to appear in the first options.


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