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How To Read Messages On Whatsapp Without Acting Connected

 Whatsapp Without Acting Connected

The last time we are operational on WhatsApp is usually a delicate and exciting piece of information for the gossipiest. If we want to be left alone nevertheless not miss what the communications we receive say, it is helpful to know some tricks to deliver WhatsApp messages and not appear online.

If we are single of those, who do not famine the rest of the friends we have on WhatsApp, particularly those who demand that we answer as quickly as we read the messages, they leave us alone with the “I’ve seen you online” or “You didn’t want to recite my message and reply,» etc., etc. We have Android before iPhone. We can use a series of settings and the odd secret to getting rid of the problem.

Online on WhatsApp

The first thing we have to be clear about when dealing with these tips and tricks is that there is no possible option not to appear online on WhatsApp if you are online. We can make the last hour we connect disappear, we can make the blue double check disappear and make our profile photo disappear, but there is no option so that «Online» does not appear when you are. Can you read WhatsApp then without them knowing? Yes, some instructions and tricks can help you, but you should apply them to go unnoticed among the contacts.

Do you have a pending conversation and want to read it without appearing online? You have to remove the data from your mobile phone and the WiFi and read it offline. It will not appear as read while you are not connected or connected to the Internet, but it is not a long-term resolution because you will need to have a line again to consult something, to speak with another person. You will only save a little time, or it is an option if you want to read something but have a couple of hours of disconnection until that person knows that you have read it.

Read WhatsApp without appearing connected

There are tricks to read WhatsApp without them knowing that you have read it, to be able to understand what they have told you without having to be thrown in your face, that classic blue double-check that indicates that you have seen and read the message but have ignored it. You don’t have to explain yourself, but there are ways to avoid them.

Airplane mode

The most classic trick is to use them but still be effective. Suppose, before opening the application, and we put the “airplane mode” on the mobile. In that case, we can creep through the chats, read the messages and keep our last connection hidden. Of course, we must take certain precautions if we do not want to remain caught when we return to activate the mobile link: before removing the airplane mode, we have to close WhatsApp completely, remove it from multitasking. If we do not prepare it and it stays in the background, it will be the most special connection, and the communications read the moment you have an Internet connection again.

The route to put Airplane Mode on the phone may vary from one smartphone to another and depend on the model and brand we have in hand, but it is almost always an option available in Settings and the “Network and Internet” section. “Or” Mobile networks. ” Flip a switch. Of course, make sure that the WiFi does not stay connected once you have activated the Airplane Mode, or it will not serve you at all.

Use external apps

Finally, perhaps unique of the most extraordinary effect is the trick of fixing an application that allows us to read the mails without appearing online. It is a recommended option since many apps will enable us a series of choices and advantages that WhatsApp itself does not allow. But this also has drawbacks because they can cause our phone to remain flooded with malware, or they can get us banned for its use.

Private Reading for WhatsApp

Among the most recommended, we consume some such as “Private Reading for WhatsApp.” The term says it all, and what it does is that it takes advantage of the “failure” of notifications to display messages and accounts to them without us appearing online. As you can see in the video with the tutorial, we have to give permissions to the application you install (storage, microphone .), and it will automatically record the messages you receive through notifications.

It saves not only the messages but also the voice notes. You can do it from this app without opening the messaging app when you want to consult a chat. What “Private Reading for WhatsApp” or “Private Read” does is a record of notifications from your mobile, but you will not have to be aware of them, but it will automatically save them.


Another recommended is Unseen, which is likewise compatible with other apps and WhatsApp such as Instagram. What it does is unify the messaging trays entirely into one. Currently, it is likely that if someone wants to contact you, they will do so from several messaging applications or social networks simultaneously and not only through WhatsApp. And you don’t want to spend hours without using any app on your phone. In that case, Unseen records all the notifications received from all the apps. Of course, you must permit it.

It allows you to hide the double cobalt check-in WhatsApp and other apps, read messages invisibly and incognito, besides, in addition, customize this presence for some apps or others. It is free and is helpful to know whether you can read the messages without anyone knowing.

Use The Whatsapp Widget

Another simple trick, but perhaps indefinite to some, is to use the WhatsApp Widget. It activates the app as a part of the desktop so that we always have the chats at hand and can check the conversations. We can locate a small four × two window on our phone’s home screen and where the messages we receive after any of our contacts will appear. In this method, simply by unlocking the phone besides viewing the Widget, we can read the statements without appearing as read and without appearing Online.

To do this, we go to our phone’s home screen, hold down an area of ​​the screen without icons, and wait for the selections of Wallpaper, Widgets, Transitions, Screen Settings, etc., to appear. These options may vary contingent on the manufacturer of the phone or the version of Android that we have installed.

We select the Widgets option and scroll through all the available ones until we find the one for WhatsApp 4 × 2. We prefer it and place it on the home or app screen, and from that moment on, we will be able to see the new messages received there without appearing as read and showing that we are online.

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