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Ways To Screenshot In Windows With Snipping

Screenshot In Windows With Snipping

With the latest update of the Windows operating system, an update to the Snipping application can be very useful to us.

The Snipping Tool allows us to select a part of the screen to create a capture in image format, a screenshot instantly. We found it by typing Snippets in the Windows search box.

Screenshot In Windows With Snipping

Snipping Tool

With this update, you can already make several types of cuts. We see them by clicking on the arrow Mode; a freeform shape, a rectangle, a window cutout or dialog box, or a screenshot of the entire screen. We can integrate this image into a document, attach it to an email or store it on our computers.

First, take a screenshot by pressing the Ctrl + Print Screen keys to cut out a menu. Then you click on the arrow in Mode to choose the type of clipping, and later you can trim the menu.

Additionally, the application has options to select, underline and import annotations about the capture itself. It will help us, especially when developing presentations and manuals, guides, procedures, etc.

After Making The Capture, You Can Save The Clipping In File – Save As

But, From the application’s menu, we can directly send the capture by email. Although, This function will be beneficial to send instructions and annotations to other people quickly and easily.

When you cut out a browser window, you see the URL below the image. But, To prevent the URL from being seen, go to Tools – Options and uncheck the box “Include URL address below clippings (HTML only)

Likewise, This tool is compatible with the use of several monitors connected to the same computer, having full compatibility with the resolutions that we may have on our computers.

To get the best out of your operating systems, it is necessary to know and use all these applications that will guarantee us an improvement in our production and efficiency on a day-to-day basis.

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