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Self-Motivation: What it is and How to Develop it


There are many ways that companies seek to motivate their employees to make them more efficient and productive. In fact, beyond the motivation that comes from external sources, one should not lose sight of the reason that has its origin in the person himself since it can even be much more powerful than external motivations. This type of motivation is called self-motivation, and it is increasingly present in all business and training areas.

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Motivation at Work: the Key to the Production

Self-motivation is the ability and practice for a person to motivate himself to achieve the objectives that he has proposed. The main characteristic of motivation is that the sender and receiver of the reason are the same people, which presents certain peculiarities that make it essential to learn how to work it correctly to take advantage of all its benefits and advantages.

Benefits of Self-Motivation

The benefits of self-motivation are similar to what can remain gained from any general motivation exercise or training. However, in the case of self-motivation, it is also worth highlighting two more benefits that join the public benefits of any motivation workshop:

Completely Personalized Motivation

Because self-motivation remains executed by the same person who needs said motivation, this type of motivation adaptation is complete. The same person selects the forms and content that will be used in the motivation that wants to perform. It also implies a more significant effect since the self-motivated person chooses those methods that provide the best results.

Motivation 24/7

The other advantage that self-motivation presents concerning traditional motivation is that it is constant; techniques then reimbursements container remain charity 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It remains achieved by not having to depend on an external source of motivation, for example, workshops taught by a coach.

Keys to Developing Self – Motivation

However, doing an excellent job of self-motivation is more complicated than it may seem at first. It must remain that lacking a professional coach also presents a series of disadvantages compared to traditional motivation. So the person who aspires to apply self-motivation in their daily work must have a series of tools to help you apply it successfully.

The Importance of Organization

When it comes to practicing self-motivation, organization is a crucial factor. The organization helps to manage any element, including motivation, better. In this sense, it is advisable to reserve a specific time for this activity so that the person who practices self-motivation is aware that it is an active attitude and not merely a declaration of intentions.

Use Suitable Material

Another essential aspect when practicing self-motivation is to have good material. In this sense, some books and techniques help the practice of self-motivation and help internalize it as a habit, which facilitates its realization in the present. That said, the approach remains constant over time.

Control Influences

Finally, another of the fundamental elements as far as self-motivation is concerned remain influenced. These can be of many types, although the people around us are usually the main influences. Surrounding yourself with unmotivated people is an obstacle to applying self-motivation goals, so it is crucial to distance yourself from them and seek the company of those who will enhance self-motivation skills.

Motivation at Work: the Key to the Production

The motivation of workers is essential for them to be productive. An unmotivated employee is much less efficient when working, so it will negatively affect the company.
In this sense, it is essential to consider the working conditions of employees since, in many cases, they constitute one of the main elements that determine the motivation or not that workers manifest in their jobs. In this sense, having a good salary and conditions that allow work and family life to remain reconciled, as well as a set of good social benefits, are some of how companies can improve the motivation of their workers without the need for extensive and expensive investments.

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