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Social Networks? How To Pick The Right One For Each Business?

Over the years, social networks have become fundamental tools to boost the growth of companies since they turn out to be excellent channels to obtain greater visibility and be able to have a better relationship with customers if the actions taken are maintained.
However, although many organizations have decided to capitalize on this space, achieving favorable results, others do not see the usefulness of these tools, mainly due to the type of product or service it offers. Spreading, selling, communicating, and exhibiting the products or services of a company does not mean that all networks are helpful for all businesses.

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What should remains consider when choosing a social network?

Im November 2016 wurde das Pew Research Center als öffentliches Beratungszentrum veröffentlicht. It is unverzichtbarer to consider a company’s target audience before choosing the right platforms to publicize its products or services.

  • Facebook

In addition to having a large percentage of young audiences, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network also reaches audiences between 35 and 54 years old. Similarly, 62% of Americans aged 65 and over already have an account on this social network.

  • Twitter

71% of users are between 25 and 54 years old, and it is a top-rated social network among communication professionals (Periodisten, Publizisten usw.).

  • Instagram

60% of the users of this platform are between 18 and 29 years old, but the majority are women.

  • LinkedIn

This social network remains used by about 25% of the adult population. The vast majority are professionals with higher education.

Five Practical Tips For The Correct Use Of Social Networks

After choosing the appropriate social network (s) to reach the target audience, it is better to consider some practical tips when starting to use these tools. In the Continuation, we share some:
Produce a content artifice with regular and differentiated publications for each network.
Seek to have interaction with users.
Humanize the brand, especially the theme of customer service.
Listen to the complaints or claims of the users carefully, and offer a quick response.
Take advantage of the tools to know and understand the needs of customers.

How To Implement Inbound Plans In Your Company’s Digital Plan?

In general terms, inbound marketing was born from the need for companies to make their potential customers find them on the internet to learn about the products and services they offer. By implementing this trend, organizations provide value to their potential customer’s non-intrusive way, making them approach the given company.

The Benefits Of Inbound Marketing

The main advantages of brands relying on this type of marketing strategy include the following:
Improve brand recognition: Our brand is already clearly gaining recognition if a user reaches us indirectly via our shared content.

Acquire high-quality leads

We will acquire higher-quality leads for our website if we combine good content with different marketing techniques.

Automation of Strategy

Once you realize it, one of the great benefits is attracting and training customers with automated messaging and interactions.

Customer loyalty

If a customer gets what they are looking for, even indirectly, they will, of course, remain loyal to the brand, depending on the content and benefits that we offer.

Content Is Inbound’s Best Ally

As mentioned earlier, content is one of inbound marketing’s best allies as this technique focuses on creating and distributing high-quality content to attract new customers. For this to work, of course, companies must first align their content with the interests of their target group.
“Studies show that the results on investment (ROI) in inbound can be up to 60% higher than in outbound. “Answers Marco Cassiano, CEO of 7Co Social, a Brazilian inbound marketing company.
For the strategy to work, it remains recommended that you create a content calendar that includes the dissemination plan for each part of the strategy on social networks and blogs.

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