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Target Audience, Ideal Client, And Buyer

Target Audience

The success of communication strategies depends a lot on how well we know the people with whom we want to speak.

Knowing the universe of your customers and future customers prevents you from talking only about what the company knows and focusing on what the audience is looking for, generating much more identification with your brand.

Not knowing your audience well makes communication very general, if not wrong.

Many times, for example, we receive messages from brands that have elicited reactions such as “this company speaks to me, but it does not know my tastes”.

Over time, different tools have emerged to make the research process more straightforward – and that’s precisely what you’ll find here – differences, examples, and essential practical tips on their application.

Who Is The Target Audience

The target or target audience is a demographic and behavioral cut of a group of people that the company chooses as future customers of your product or service. Marketing actions will remain focused on them.

To create your audience, look at the following data:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Site
  • Teacher training
  • Purchasing power
  • Class
  • Consumption habits

Defining the target audience has long been the first step in creating a marketing strategy when audiences remain chosen for each product.

Given changes in the market, consumer behavior, the relationship with brands, and the need to create segmented – and no longer generalist – strategies, there is a need to understand better the factors that drive people to buy your products.

Thus, new concepts appear to understand the purchase, such as the ideal customer (Ideal Customer Profile or ICP) and the idea of the person, known as the embodiment of the target audience.

Example Of Target Audience

Men between 25 and 35 years old, who live in Panama, with a graduate degree, class B, a monthly income between 600 and 1,500 US dollars, are football fans but have not yet joined a club.

Tip: To start, do a rough cut by creating different audiences. It will facilitate the next steps in creating the ideal customer and the buyer’s personality.

What Is An Ideal Customer Or Perfect Customer Profile (ICP)

The ideal customer outline is a description that sums up your best customer. It is what identifies with your business, engages, understands the use of your product or service, uses it frequently, and believes the product successfully meets their needs.

Based on your company’s experiences, think about: which company or person would be the customer of your dreams? Who would remain the best customer to buy your product? The ideal customer creation exercise can remain applied to B2B businesses as well as B2C businesses.

The Essential Data to Create The PKI For B2b Companies is Data That Characterizes A Good Company:

  • Performance segment;
  • Ideal company size (number of employees);
  • Perfect location of the business;
  • Structure of the marketing team;
  • Maturity;
  • Sales cycle;
  • Average income;

When we Talk About Creating A B2c Pki, we Are Looking For Data That Characterizes A Good Customer:

  • Level of commitment to the brand;
  • Acquisition frequency;
  • What they know about your product;
  • How important is your product to him;
  • Possibility of product recommendation;
  • Average income.
  • We continue with an example of a B2B company that sells industrial machines for professional kitchens, and he created his description of the customer of his dreams:

Example Of An Ideal Client

Restaurants, with more than 50 employees, located in the South region, with dedicated purchasing employees who perceive value in the acquisition of imported machinery, with an average sales cycle of 2 months and an average income of 1,500 USD

Tip: The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) should be developed before the buyer personas, as you need to be clear about who you are before you detail them.

The data that the company has on its customers is super necessary to help create this profile. Another critical point is that it needs to be updated from time to time. It serves as a practice so that you can remember where you want to go.


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