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What are Telecommunications? And Uses

Telecommunications are already a stable in people’s lives and today. It is not possible to conceive of the world without them. But what is telecommunications? It is a set of techniques that allow remote communication, referring to the next room or a spacecraft located millions of kilometers away.

The origins of telecommunications go back several centuries. Still, at the finish of the 19th century, with the application of emerging technologies at that time, their accelerated development began.

This development has gone through different stages which have followed each other more and more quickly: telegraphy, radio, wireless telegraphy, telephony, television, communication satellites, mobile telephony, broadband, Internet, optical fiber, new generation networks, and many more. Other pages still need to be written.
Today, telecommunications are essential for people, businesses, and public administrations, and their importance increases with the number of users. The more users there are connected to telecommunication systems, the greater the possibilities and the communication needs.

Point of View

From this user’s point of view, its use stays based on a series of terminals (landlines, mobile phones, smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.) through which you access a wide range of fixed or mobile telecommunications services, voice or data. As a complementary element of the terminals, and for it to be possible to take advantage of the services, there is a set of telecommunications networks created and maintained by the operators and service providers.

Although, in many cases, the end user doesn’t have to know the existence of networks and the ones they are using, they are the ones that make the services possible. These networks now have the most advanced technologies such as mobility, broadband, Internet protocols (IP), optical fiber, communication satellites, submarine cables, etc. From there, it is possible to offer the user what he requests.

Transmit Information

Telecommunications remain used to transmit information, but this information can acquire infinite forms or exist packaged in multiple ways, framed under the concept of content. Telecommunications networks and services process content that can be of any kind: films, music, training, web pages, documents, photographs, videos, or simple voice.

Although, With current technological possibilities. This content can be stored on a server located anywhere. And be accessible from all parts of the planet. That is, they remain stored in the “cloud,” which allows them to be available with all kinds of devices, wherever you are.
Applications (apps) have become very important with the increasing distribution. And availability of tablets and smartphones, applications (apps) have become very important. They are more or less simple programs. That allow you to do specific things, play games, or access information on specific topics. Both for leisure and entertainment and for professionals.

Although, The applications can be free or paid. They can be downloaded and installed easily in the intelligent terminals so that their use is quick and immediate.
Since the advent of the Internet many years ago. The Internet has been the best example of what telecommunications mean in the 21st century regarding possibilities, availability of content, and interest in universal access.

The Internet, together with social networks, broadband, and mobility. But, Are the pillars of an element that transforms society and leads it towards. An information and knowledge society and a new digital world. In short, what is telecommunications? Well, they’re a tool that changes the world. And everything that happens in it and makes things possible that were recently just a digital dream

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