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THE BEST ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR LAPTOP: Without a doubt, laptops offer a complete user experience: you don’t need anything else. However, you can always find various “add-ons,” from a mouse to an external monitor, with the idea of ​​making the work more productive or the entertainment experience more enriching. And so that you don’t waste time looking, we present below the best accessories for your laptop that you can buy right now.

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 Webcam LAPTOP

Suppose you are already considering a monitor, mouse, and keyboard for your laptop. In that case, a camera web will also be among your options, as it will give you more flexibility than your computer. The fact that you can move it around the desktop makes a difference.

But which one to choose? Here you can find some good alternatives for video conferencing and video game streaming.

When your computer’s trackpad is too small for you, it is best to opt for a mouse, which will allow you to access specific options more quickly, depending on the program on the screen, and navigate more intuitively on the Internet.

At Digital Trends, we have guides that explain the differences between optical and laser devices, a wide range of ergonomics, and what could be considered the best on the market. The idea is that you find the one that best suits your productivity and entertainment needs.

Portable hard drive

Primarily when you work with video or photographic content, your laptop’s default storage can be in trouble, so you have to get rid of materials that maybe now you no longer considered necessary. With a portable disk, this situation remains largely solved.

So that all your doubts remain resolved, we have articles that tell you how to buy the external hard drive, according to your needs, the differences between HDD and SDD devices, and the best external hard drives you can buy.

External monitor

One thing is sure with a monitor as a second screen: once you use it your product or entertainment life changes completely, since you can have several windows displayed simultaneously in a more organized way.

Bluetooth speaker or speaker

Let’s say that Bluetooth speakers are for those who want to increase the sound their laptop offers them. But without that means spending the dollars that an intelligent speaker demands. Another of their essential advantages is that they are highly compact, so you will not have to worry about ample space to place one.


If you prefer a more intimate sound, headphones are an excellent alternative to being in front of the laptop. Of course, consider extremely comfortable ones, especially if you spend several hours in front of the screen.

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