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How to Transfer Everything from iPhone to iPhone Without iCloud

Transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone Without iCloud – Many reasons provoke iPhone owners to upgrade from their old iPhone to a newer iPhone. With the upgrade in their device, they will inevitably want to transfer all their data from their old iPhone, including all apps, settings, and other important items saved on their device or in the cloud.

In the data transfer between devices, handling a giant amount of data exactly is a tough task, and the chosen process must take place at a faster rate despite file sizes. Here, you will learn efficient techniques to move data from one device to another hassle-free. Grab a classy way to carry out the data transfer process effortlessly.

Some of these reasons include the following:

  • You are not a follower of the iCloud sync/backup features.
  • Your iPhone’s screen no longer works, and you have not ever turned on iCloud, but nowadays, you buy a new iPhone and want to transfer your data from the iPhone to the new iPhone.
  • You have incomplete iCloud storage, and it’s already full. Then now, you want to transfer everything from the old iPhone to the new iPhone.
  • There are some problems with your iCloud. For example, your iCloud photos were not syncing.

If you want to transfer everything from one iPhone to another without using iCloud, you can use a few alternative methods.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Method 1. Using Quick Start (Requires iOS 12.4 or later)

  • Make sure both iPhones are running iOS 12.4 or later.
  • Place both iPhones close to each other.
  • Turn on the new iPhone and follow the setup instructions till you reach the “Apps & Data” screen.
  • On the “Apps & Data” screen, select “Transfer from iPhone.”
  • A blue pattern will appear on the new iPhone. Hold your current iPhone over the design to align it with the new iPhone’s camera.
  • Enter your current iPhone’s passcode on the new iPhone.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to set up Face ID or Touch ID on the new iPhone.
  • Please choose whether you want to restore your new iPhone from a recent backup or set it up as a new device.
  • Continue the remaining setup process, and your data will be transferred to the new iPhone.

Method 2. Using iTunes (Requires a computer with iTunes installed)

  • Connect your iPhone to the laptop or PC using a USB cable and open iTunes.
  • Select your iPhone in iTunes and click on the “Summary” tab.
  • Under the “Backups” section, click on “This Computer” and select “Encrypt iPhone backup” if you want to include passwords.
  • Click on “Back Up Now” to form a backup of your current iPhone on the computer.
  • Once the backup process is complete, disconnect your current iPhone from the computer.
  • Connect your new iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and open iTunes.
  • Select your new iPhone in iTunes and click the “Summary” tab.
  • Under the “Backups” section, click on “Restore Backup.”
  • Choose the backup you created in Step 4 and click “Restore.”
  • Wait for the restore method to complete, and your data will be transferred to the new iPhone.

Method 3. While Using Third-Party Apps (Requires compatible apps and a computer)

Several third-party apps can help you transfer data from one iPhone to another without iCloud. Some popular options include iMazing, AnyTrans, and Dr.Fone. These apps usually require installing them on your computer and following their specific instructions to transfer data between iPhones.

Remember to ensure a recent data backup before attempting any transfer method to avoid data loss.

Method 4. Transfer Data to New iPhone via Finder

It Applies To All data and all the settings.

For example, we all know iTunes is dead, and Apple has swapped it with Finder on macOS Catalina computers. Suppose you’re a Mac user; using Finder is a nice choice. The steps are like using iTunes, which are thorough below.

Step 1. Plug your old iPhone into your Mac consecutively macOS Catalina and launch Finder.

Step 2. Below the Locations section, click on your iPhone icon.

Step 3. Click “Trust” if you’re questioned about trusting this computer.

Step 4. Click on “Back Up Now.”

Step 5. Unplug your old iPhone and plug it into your new iPhone into the PC or computer.

Step 6. Now Set up your new iPhone until you range the “App & Data” page.

Step 7. After this page, select “Restore from Mac or PC or computer.”

Step 8. Then, follow the on-screen commands to finish the rest of the setup methods.

Method 5. Steps to Transfer data from one iPhone to another via AirDrop

It applies to photos, videos, locations, websites, and more

AirDrop is another appropriate option for sharing files between two AirDrop-enabled iOS devices. If you want to transfer photos, contacts, or additional files from one iOS device to another, using AirDrop is a good choice.

Step 1. Make sure that both iPhone is within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

Step 2. Enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and make sure the Personal Hotspot is turned off on iPhone. Then turn on AirDrop. (Set the files to be transferred to “Contacts Only” or “Everyone” as appropriate.)

Step 3. Select the files you want to send, e.g., photos, and click the “Share” button.

Step 4. Click “AirDrop” and select the target device.

Step 5. On the target iPhone, click “Accept” to receive the item.

It happens that AirDrop doesn’t work on iPhones/iPad. If you encounter this problem, learn how to fix it first or try other viable methods.

The above two methods are more suitable for operators who want to copy data to a used iPhone. Suppose you will transfer data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone that has not been set up yet. It is recommended to use QuickStart or iTunes/Finder.

Final Words

If you want to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud, follow this guide to get things done. After strong the methods here, you will know how to do it when you need to transfer photos, contacts, videos, and other file types. Try the methods above to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud.

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