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What is Brand Management and its Objective?

Brand Management

Brand management or branding consists of a series of strategies to build a brand whether personal or owned by a company. The objective is to create make known strengthen and maintain a series of values ​​inherent in the company, which will help its audience to identify it. Therefore this concept encompasses each of the actions planned and carried out by the company to become a brand (brand) easily recognizable by the public.

Although some marketing agencies distinguish between the branding of a business and that of a brand the truth is that one cannot be distinguished from the other as any positive or negative perception. That’s why it’s so important to consult with a top brand strategy agency if you want to make sure your branding and brand represent your business in the best light. That one of them will automatically affect the other. For example, it has happened more than once that a food company that has had to withdraw a particular product from the market has seen its sales suffer in others.

What Aspects Condition The Brand Image?

What Aspects Condition The Brand Image?

The public’s perception of the brand is subject to many variables.

However, Here are Some of the Factors that can affect your Reputation the Most:

1) Consistency Between the Messages and the Actual Situation.

While this can add value to the business relative to its competition. (For example, if it claims to be the cheapest option on the market), it can also work against you if this information is inaccurate. The same goes for the perks and profits they promise in their products and services (imagine the download speed offered by a broadband line).

This factor also affects the logo of the brand or company, undoubtedly one of the most relevant brand elements.

The fact that a brand occupies a leadership position does not imply that it can afford not to continue implementing initiatives to improve itself or, at least, remain in a leading role. Indeed, having a capacity for innovation and constant adaptation is essential to not lag behind the competition.

2) The Ability to Anticipate and Respond to user Demands.

And for that, it is crucial to be attentive to your current and potential customers’ needs and know how to adapt to them as soon as possible.

3. Social Networks

Your role on social networks affects both the management of their company profiles and the messages that other Internet users generate and share in this regard. Thus, do not periodically update a brand’s page on Facebook, Twitter, or similar platforms (and with quality content), do not act on a negative comment from third parties either by responding or taking action legal if any by not responding to questions and User complaints or lack of presence on social networks used by the brand’s target audience can seriously damage online reputation.

4) Customer Service (and all users)

Providing quality service and knowing how to manage and quickly resolve user complaints. Are fundamental aspects of building and maintaining a good brand image. This is ultimately a strategic issue to which the most excellent attention must remain paid.

5) Crisis Management.

Any business, from small SMEs to multinationals, can already experience a brand crisis. Although the reasons can be the steps to be followed must be fully described in an emergency. Protocol and should include an immediate response (although not for this reason well prepared and thoughtful). Direct communication.With those affected and society as a whole and concrete actions to reverse the situation as soon as possible.

In this sense, we must not lose sight of the following maxim, If you do not talk about yourself, others will do it for you.

How To Improve The Brand Image?

The data provided provides clues to some actions that can help improve branding:

1) Review and renew the company’s image as needed (affecting the logo, signage, etc.). The presentation of a new product line. Or the opening of a new shopping center is usually a perfect occasion. Because the image of the logo will remain linked to a positive aspect.

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