What Is Marketing Automation?

When I started my blog, I consequently had a professional magazine where I would share my everyday things, from reviews marketing After two eons, my blog took off, and that’s when I started to monetize my content by proposing a paid content line.

Back then, my sales were from items; with tools like Selz and Gumroad, I added a checkout button to items and started selling models and ebooks daily. Months later, I decided on a good email marketing strategy. My sales increased instantly; That day, I realized the fundamental importance of email marketing and decided to use this channel to increase my online sales.

You can’t imagine the spike in sales I got when I implemented the automatic responses, and the results my clients and I are getting through marketing automation. This article will explain marketing automation and how it works to capture leads, increase sales, and improve our standing.

What Is Marketing Automation?

It is the act of planning and arranging all the steps necessary to transform a prospect (lead) into a customer in advance.

The possibility of marketing automation is that once this “machine” is in place, no human intervention is required during the conversion process. As all emails, notifications, and actions are handled automatically by marketing software. ‘automating. In this way, we can also emphasize our efforts on attracting new customers who feed the “machines.”

In short, marketing automation starts from the moment we drive traffic until we drive the desired conversions with the new leads we collect across the internet and other media and channels.

Why Should We Rely Upon Happening  Automation

Marketing automation saves us a lot of periods, but above all, it allows us to do more personalized and, therefore, more efficient marketing. Other advantages are:

Increase online sales

Increase the number of new potential customers.

Segment our database to understand our audience better

Save costs in the hiring and selling process

Combine business and digital efforts on one platform

We support all of our Convert + consulting firm clients in automating their activity and, in particular, acquiring qualified leads. Once the “machinery” is in place, we need to focus all of our efforts on attracting new potential customers in an age when social hiring is economical.

What We Need To Device Marketing Automation In Our Business

Valuable content and exclusive offers that we can offer to attract new potential customers (leads)

Funnels (the steps a customer takes to generate the conversion they want)

Tags to activate actions and division our database

Triggers (triggers) and automation elements. Example: opening emails, clicking links, unsubscribing, filling out forms, visiting websites, etc.)

Landing pages optimized for conversion to get more leads and sell more

A human team specialized in strategy, analysis, and automation, able to maximize our automation campaigns.

Various mechanization contracts and online sales tools.

Automating our stores means testing and testing new formulas to increase conversions. Good marketing automation is constantly updated, so you’ll see more and more businesses and professionals dedicate themselves to building conversion funnels.

At the consulting firm, we use six automation for ten new clients to help them generate more business.

Marketing Automation Tools

As I mentioned before, marketing automation is all about using different tools, not just automating actions and emails for Client management software for nonprofits.

For our clients and in our projects, we use at least:

WordPress to drive organic traffic with a good content strategy

Facebook ads to attract qualified leads (mainly with clients, with the Vilma Núñez project, we have thousands of new organic leads every month).

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