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Wireless Mouse Write For Us

Wireless MouseA wireless mouse is a mouse that connects to a computer without a cable. Instead, the mouse uses wireless technology like Bluetooth, RF, or infrared radio waves. Typically, a USB receiver connects to the computer and receives signals from the wireless mouse.

It is also known as a cordless mouse.

It is a hardware input device that interfaces with a computer system. Whereas mouses (or mice, either pluralization is accurate) had historically essential cords, the wireless choice became popular in the 2000s when they started including radio frequency and Bluetooth technology.

This modern mouse has progressed from a trackball-like pointing device used in sensor and tracking systems by the Allied forces through World War II. The marketed version was developed periods later and became a household device during the regular rise of the personal computer.

Like virtually all standard technological devices, a wireless version became progressively marketable as the standard version raised in popularity.

More About Wireless Mouse

About the turn of the millennium, leading tech brands like Apple and Logitech began business with cordless mouses using Bluetooth and radio frequency, requiring a USB receiver.

Wireless mouses have later become standard in many different personal computing environments, adding the convenience of wire-free operation and the enhanced ergonomic opportunity of not being tethered to the central computing device.

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