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Xbox One not turning on power brick orange

The Xbox One power supply includes a surge protector and a status light that alerts you to hardware problems. So, what does the orange light on the Xbox One power supply mean? The Xbox One power supply orange light indicates that the machine is in standby mode. It’s not getting enough power, so you won’t be able to turn it on. Unplug the power supply and wait ten FULL minutes to resolve this issue. The power supply should be reset as a result of this.

You have several other options if the soft reset (unplugging the power supply) does not work. Read till the end to find out what to do when xbox one won’t turn on power brick orange.

What to Do If the Power Supply on Your Xbox One Turns Orange

The orange light on the Xbox One power supply indicates that there is an issue with the power source. Either the machine is not receiving power from the outlet, or it is not transmitting energy to your Xbox. Let’s look at what the light on your Xbox One power supply could mean and what you should do in that situation.

The Orange Light Is Always On

If the orange light in the power supply remains constant, it indicates that there is an electrical problem. In this case, you must troubleshoot the power supply to change it from Standby to On mode.

  • Try a Different port

First, ensure your power supply is appropriately connected to the power outlet and the Xbox One. You would then ensure that electricity is flowing through the power outlet. This can be accomplished by plugging the power supply into a different outlet or connecting additional device to the same outlet. If your power supply is still not working after checking the power outlet, proceed to the next step.

  • Remove the Power Supply

Remove the power string from the outlet and the Xbox. Allow it to be unplugged for at least ten minutes. You must wait for the power supply to restart and reset. Reconnect the power supply and the Xbox One, ensuring they are properly connected. You should now see a yellow light on your power supply and be capable of turning on your Xbox One.

  • Reset the Xbox One

Check that there are no discs in your Xbox One. Press and hold the seek, eject, and power buttons simultaneously (you’ll need both hands for this!) Hold all three keys for about 10 seconds or until the power button begins to flash. When the power button flashes, let go of the eject button but keep the seek and power buttons pressed for another 15 seconds! To resolve the orange light, restart your Xbox One.

The light is constantly blinking

If the light is orange and constantly blinking or slightly flickering, the problem is most likely internal.

Your power supply will be unable to transmit or receive any energy. In this case, you will require to purchase a new power supply (check the price on Amazon).

If, on the other hand, the light turns yellow but your Xbox One still doesn’t work, it needs to be serviced. If you take care of your Xbox One, it can last up to ten years. So, if yours is older, it may be period to replace it.

Contact Customer Service

If replacing your power brick did not solve the problem, something is likely wrong with the console itself. At that point, the best approach would be contacting Microsoft Xbox support. Even though they no longer manufacture the first-generation Xbox, they still provide support and repairs but keep in mind that any repairs you require will be out-of-warranty.

Last Thoughts

Some users reported that they could turn on the console, only to have it turn off after a few minutes, with the power element turning orange. If this is the issue, you can try a power cycle from the console itself, using either the Power Center or the guide. To restart your console, use the Power Center:

  • To access the Power Center, press and hold the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Restart the console by selecting Restart.

To power cycle your console, follow these steps:

  • To access the guide, press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Navigate to Profile and system > Settings > General > Power mode and startup.
  • Select Restart Now.

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