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6 Exceptional Websites to Catch the Latest Gaming World Developments

Latest Gaming World Developments

The online gaming world has grown significantly. It is not merely an ordinary pastime anymore for children where they spend hours in front of a screen wrecking cars or slaying goblins. Now, online gaming has become a full-fledged profession. So much so that professional gamers earn compete in multi-million dollar tournaments similar to conventional sports.

While you may be benefiting from AT&T bundles to enjoy your favorite online games, the hardcore gamers among you would also be interested in staying updated on the latest news that hits the gaming industry. Be it the tournament results, game reviews, walkthroughs, or pretty much anything related to games. Fortunately, we have gathered a list of some of the most reliable gaming websites that offer you all the latest gaming gossip. Here they are:

Niche Gamer

First up, the Niche Gamer website is the ultimate platform to visit, whether you seek news related to Xbox, PC, PlayStation®, or any other platform’s game. This website is home to the latest trailers and previews of upcoming games.

Furthermore, you will also find interviews from significant people in the gaming industry who provide you with the latest intel on your favorite games. You could also visit its shop page, where you will be able to buy some exquisite gaming merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs.


TechRaptor offers the perfect combination of gaming and technology news. Here, you can access a plethora of information on tabletop games, not just online games made by full stack developer. This rich collection of content will provide you with reliable guides, informative interviews, top 10’s, and a whole lot more.

You could also visit their podcast section that you may enjoy listening to as you are on the go. And lastly, a designated gaming calendar informs you about the latest excitements that are yet to come, such as game releases, console launches, and much more.


The thing with several review sites is you cannot always rely upon or believe the content you come across for fear that it is a paid review, which means that it is not an honest review. While that is not always the case with review sites, you can avoid that problem entirely by switching to Destructoid.

Destructoid is a gaming website that is developed by gamers themselves. You will not have to worry about the reviews being sugar-coated or the news being false here. Whatever you find here will be the bitter hardcore fact.


If you would rather spend time catching up on specific niche games, Japanese to be precise, the Gematsu is for you. The website was launched back in 2007, and it specializes in reviews, updates, and other news about Japanese games.

The website offers a rich collection of information on all the popular Japanese games in the industry and the not-so-popular ones. Whether you are into PC, Xbox, Nintendo, or PlayStation®, you will find relevant updated news here.


Probably one of the oldest websites in the industry, GameSpot offers tons of excitement for all the gamers in the world. Not only will you find game reviews on different platforms here, but you will also find reliable recommendations as to what accessories you ought to grab for your gaming endeavors.

Moreover, you will be thrilled to catch the latest movie and TV show updates on the website as well. The website also enables its users to publish their thoughts and reviews, thus assuring the authenticity of the information on the website.


Finally, yet another excellent website that offers the latest developments in the world of Japanese games is Siliconera. Japanese games from almost every platform globally are discussed on this website, even mobile games.

Furthermore, the readers can also easily engage the website moderators that make the experience rather fun. And who knows, you might even find an exciting new Japanese game that you never heard of before.

Wrapping It Up

No matter what platform you may be used to playing games on, you would want to stay updated on the latest news about your favorite games. And these are the websites to visit for you to do so. So, don’t just cash in on the AT&T Internet prices for enjoying your favorite games alone. Find out what’s what with the help of these websites.

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