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Meet The Latest Trends In Bedroom Decoration 2021

Room Decoration In 2021: The Bedroom Decoration are the ideal setting for rest, relaxation, cocooning, and tenderness, as well as for wonderful Sundays. Even so, bedrooms have long remained neglected by homes. The argument that you “only” use the bedroom for sleeping or that it is a place that guests do not enter means that many people do not worry so much about the choice of furniture. Today the bedroom is finally getting the care it deserves. After all, the bedroom remains the place to be, even more so than any other room in the house, don’t miss our look at the latest bedroom trends we’ll see in 2021 and get inspired.

Modern rustic is the new interpretation of classic romantic style and therefore perfect for the bedroom. What makes the style is the combination of cozy and relaxed. Imagine rustic wood furniture, natural and comfortable materials from soft fabrics, modern accents through elegant accessories, and an industrial touch thanks to pieces with a straightforward design. The + rustic style is comfortable, simple, and intelligent. Learn more Bedroom Decoration  about style matching and get inspired by decorating your home with Westwing.

For example, you can combine a bed of solid rustic wood with textiles in natural colors, soft and warm, with a simple lamp, a simple shelf, and an open industrial wardrobe in the Bedroom Decoration .

2. Bedroom trend: dream in blue

A bed in light blue tones will make you sleep as if you were in the clouds. Blue tones no longer need to be cold and uncomfortable, and colors are gaining momentum. Today, blue represents elegance and luxury.

In the bedroom, these tones can remain combined with light woods, whether for the bed frame, floor, bedside tables, or a chest of drawers; light wood is a fashionable material. Mainly if it is used untreated and natural, therefore the grain and structure are advantageous. Everything you need to know about fashion gear can remain found here.

3. Bedroom trend: Floral joy

When confinement forced us to live and garnish our four walls, plants became essential. Our normality of life has changed, and with it, plants have started to gain importance in our homes. Joy and energy that remain living beings in the form of flowers have become the protagonists.

In 2021, the design world focuses on large and striking, but above all, colorful and friendly floral prints that will decorate the bed next year. Preferably a portion of a simple interior in light tones. Live flowers are always in fashion, but you can now take home different floral designs that will brighten up your home.

4. Bedroom trend: linear design

“One line, one love.” Designers are lovers of graphic lines and face line art, and they will remain so next year. Clean furniture and simple shapes, as well as round and bulbous accessories, fit perfectly into today’s aesthetic. Linear accessories can remain found in photo frames, flower pots, cushions, vases, or glasses. Finally, the simple graphic patterns add a touch to the room.

Place a spacious but straightforward bed in the center of your bedroom and combine round and square shapes, but avoid the frills. Choose original but straightforward designer pieces for decoration, such as round vases, elegant mirrors, discreet lamps, or decorative accessories with a linear style. Simple elegance that you can accentuate with color undertones like pale pink or mint green.

5. Bedroom trend: sleeping outside

The goal of the design world after 2020 is to bring the countryside inside the house. Live, decorate and furnish with natural elements. Naturalness, sustainability, and green living were trends before, but they have become essential after this year. Sustainable design and raw materials have become an integral part of modern decorating concepts.

Rattan furniture, baskets, or lampshades made from natural materials will give the bedroom a natural look with just a few accents. For this, we recommend that you use natural plant fibers for pillows, bedding, and bedspreads. Finally, plants hanging in clay pots will add a

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